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What is an Area Service Committee?

An Area Service Committee (ASC) is a service body that meets the needs of the groups in an area. It is comprised of Group Service Representatives (GSRs), an executive committee (chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and their alternates) and subcommittee chairs. The sub-committees offer specialized services that in one way or another help the groups.


Why have an ASC?

We have found that an area service body not only prevents duplication of services. but also centralizes the common services that all groups might need. For example, literature, meeting lists and a phone line are all common services that each group benefits directly from.


Is there any formal Organization to NA?

NA is made up of thousands of self governing groups. These groups are held together by common principles: The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of NA. We have learned that for our Fellowship leadership by example of selfless service works, and that direction and manipulation fail. We choose not to have presidents, masters or directors. Instead we have secretaries, treasurers and representatives. These titles imply service rather than control. There is a network of service committees whose function is to unify and strengthen the NA groups. These committees exist to help groups carry the NA message. Some committees provide services to help increase the number of addicts who know about NA so they may attend meetings. Others provide services to groups such as literature development, phone line operation, guidance in applying our principles, etc. These services are provided by recovering addicts (the all members of the NA Fellowship). There is no governing body in NA nor a part of NA has authority over any part of the Fellowship.


What about meetings held in Hospitals and Institutions?

NA Service committees sponsor presentations of NA recovery in jails, treatment centers and recovery houses. If a facility wishes to have one of these meetings held regularly. They may contact the Local NA Mumbai ASC or Hospitals and Institution Sub Committee and make their request.


What are NA Service Offices?

They are primary distribution centers for our literature and for service committee meetings. At times Regional Service Offices serve as meeting places for our service committees or even used for NA meetings. Our NA phone lines are often located there. These service centers may employ management. Clerical and shipping personnel as special workers to get the work done. Some offices are funded wholly by the sale of NA literature. Others are funded by member and group contributions. To contact NA Service in India click here.

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